Flood Risk Management

Flood Risk Management is a key consideration for many development sites. We provide a full range of Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) in support of planning submission for individual residential properties as well as larger developments to support planning in principle, masterplans, and detailed design providing expert advice to our clients.

Flood risk assessments include fluvial (river), pluvial (surface water) and coastal flood risk. These require estimation of design flows, design rainfall, and/or coastal levels, mathematical modelling, flood mapping and identification of flood management measures.

We have established excellent relationships with all the relevant authorities and work to current policy and legislation (e.g., Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) local council and SEPA policies and guidance) ensuring a robust approach and acceptance of our findings.

Our range of flood risk services include:

  • Site Inspections
  • Flood Flow Estimation using standard Hydrological Methods (E.g., FEH, ReFH2)
  • Mathematical Modelling or Hydraulic Calculations using industry standard software such as Flood Modeller and HEC-RAS. This includes 1D modelling and linked 1D/2D models as necessary on a project specific basis.
  • Flood Inundation Modelling and Mapping
  • Recommendations of Flood Mitigation Measures
  • Liaison with Planning Authorities, Local Councils and SEPA.
  • Staged approach to the Flood Risk Assessment can be a provided, if required to minimise any upfront costs to our clients.
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